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Distilled Cow Urine - गोमूत्र अर्क

Golden nectar from the holiest of all creation

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It's better to take fresh cow urine, if possible

Filter cow urine through 8 times folded cotton cloth. Begin drinking 20 ml with or without water in early morning empty stomach or after meals. Slowly can increase the quantity till 50 ml if body accepts it without any symptoms.

Cow Urine Therapy is an ancient therapy, part of Ayurveda, which has been re-established by study, research and work of over several years. Cow urine is the most important ingredient of cow therapy.

Cow urine contains various elements which are present and are required in our body. It tries to balance those elements, hence, re-establishing the equilibrium for a healthy body. 

The holy texts, like Atharva VedaCharak SamhitaRajni GhuntuVridhabhagabhattAmritasagarBhavprakashSushrut Samhita and many more contain beautiful description about these things.

Our food is becoming poisonous with alarming usage of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and hormone injections (to make fruits and vegetables look bigger and attractive). To remove such poisons from our body cow urine is a very effective medicine. In fact, many poisonous ayurvedic herbs (like dhatura) are kept in cow urine to remove the poison.
Those who are not able to get fresh cow urine can consume distilled cow urine. Cow urine has the potency to cure diseases like diabetes and thoiroid. It is also been successfully tested on cancer. Many cancer patients have got cured by regular consumption of cow urine.

Cow urine is not only a good medicine but also a good tonic. It balances kapha, vaata and pitta. It increase the immunity of the body and purifies the blood.


Dosage advice (Please consult an authorized Ayurvedic/Cow Therapy doctor):

2 times a day before meals with at least 1:5 ratio of ark to water. Water can be more. Those who have acidity problem, take 10 minutes after meals. In summer, can reduce the ark quantity.

Please consult your doctor if in doubt.


There should be a gap of 2 hrs between milk and cow urine.

Why diseases occur?

  1. - By attack of various germs on various parts of body.
  2. - Due to decrease in immune power of body.
  3. - Due to imbalance of tridosh (bile, mucous and air).
  4. - Due to lack of healthy nutrients in the body for any reason.
  5. - Due to lack of some minerals.
  6. - Due to mental tension / stress
  7. - Due to excessive use of medicines.
  8. - Due to lack of electric waves in body.
  9. - In old age due to any of the above reasons.
  10. - Due to lack of healthy ingredients in food.
  11. - Due to working against the voice of soul (i.e. immoral sinful activities).
  12. - Due to sins committed in previous births.
  13. - Due to entrance of spirits in body.
  14. - Due to hereditary causes.
  15. - Due to poisons and toxins in body.

How Cow Urine (or Ark) helps in prevention (and/or cure):

  1. + Cow urine has amazing germicidal power to kill all varieties of germs causing diseases
  2. + Cow urine balances the tridosh (mucous, bile and air) thus diseases are prevented.
  3. + Cow urine corrects liver functioning, hence making healthier blood. It gives power to fight diseases.
  4. + Cow urine has elements to compensate deficiency of nutrients in our body.
  5. + Cow urine contains many minerals especially Copper etc. Presence of gold salts protects body against diseases.
  6. + Mental tension hurts nervous and muscular system. Cow urine is called medhya and hradya, which means it, gives strength to brain and heart. Thus cow urine protects heart and brain from damages caused by mental tension & protects these organs from disorders and diseases.
  7. + Excessive use of any medicine leaves some unwanted residue in our body. This residue causes diseases. Cow urine destroys the poisonous effects of residues and makes body disease free.
  8. + Electric currents (rays) keep our body healthy. These currents (rays) are present in environment. These rays in form of extremely small currents enter our body through Copper in our body. We get Copper from cow urine.
  9. + Cow urine is an elixir. Stops ageing process. Destroys diseases.
  10. + By acting against the voice of soul (immoral & sinful action), the heart and mind become narrow minded. Due to this the functioning of body is effected and causes diseases. Cow urine provides mode of goodness. Thus helps us to perform correct activities by mind. Thus protects from diseases.
  11. + In scriptures some diseases are said to be due to actions performed in previous lives which we have to bear. Mother Ganga resides in cow urine. Ganga is destroyer of sins, thus cow urine destroys such previous sins and so diseases are cured.
  12. + The diseases caused by entrance of ghosts in body are cured by intake of cow urine. The Master of ghosts is Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva holds Ganga on his head. Ganga is in cow urine also. Thus by taking cow urine, the ghosts get to see Ganga over their master’s head. So they are calmed and become peaceful. So they do not trouble the body.
  13. + By regularly taking cow urine before sickness, we get so much immunity that any attack of diseases is repulsed.
  14. + Extremely poisonous medicinal herbs are purified by cow urine. Cow urine provides immunity power by increasing resistance power against diseases in human body. It is not only non-poisonous but also destroys poison. It is anti toxin.

Chemical composition of Cow Urine

Urea Product of protein metabolism. Strong antimicrobial agent
Uric Acid Anti microbail activity helps to control cancer


 Diuretic, stimulates kidney


Purifies blood, increases intestinal peristalsis


Controls fat deposition

Iron Production of RBC in blood
Sodium  Purifies blood, checks hyperacidity
Potassium Appetizer, eliminates muscles fatigue
Other salts Antibacterial, prevents comma and ketoacids
Carbolic Acid Antibacterial, prevents gas gangrenes
Ammonia Integrity of body tissue and blood
Sugar - Lactose  Heart, thirst, giddiness
Vitamin A,B.C,D, E Prevent excessive thirst, infuse vigour, increase potency 
Creatinine Antibacterial
Swarna Kshar Antibacterial, improves immunity (aurum hydroxide) acts as antidote
Enzyme-urokinase Dissolve blood clot, improves heart disease, blood circulation
Colony stimulating factor Effective for cell division and multiplication
Erythropoietin stimulating factor Production of RBCs
Gonadotropin Promotes menstrual cycle, sperm production
Kallikrein Releases Kallidin which expands peripheral veins and reduces blood pressure
Allantoin Heals wounds and tumors
Anticancer substances :  Prevents multiplication of carcinogenic cells
Phenols : Bactericidal, antifungal. Phenols : Bactericidal, antifungal


Some researches on Cow Urine

1. Cows Urine as an Antimicrobial Agent

Kumari Namrata Y. Mahurker

Dessertation for MSc Microbiology 2006, Shri Shivaji Education Society / Amravti’s Science College, Nagpur

- Gram Negative, Gram Positive bacteria, Fungi were significantly inhibited by concentrated cows urine.

Some of the constituents of urine which is related for microbicidal properties

Halogenated Phenol                -     Antifungal.
2 Phenyl Phenol                     -     Antimicrobial, Antiviral
Carbolic acid, Manganese       -     Antibacterial, Pesticidal
Aurum Oxide                          -     Antimicrobial, Antitoxic.

2. Antigenotoxic| ameliorative effect of ark in human polymorphonuclear leukocytes

Dr. Datta, S. Saravana Devi, K. Krishnamurthi, T.Chakravarthi.(National Environmental Engineering Research Institute, Nagpur.)

The Ark and Redistilled ark is found to possess total antioxidant status of around 2.6 mmol contributed mainly by volatile fatty acids (1500 mg/litre). These fatty acids and other antioxidants might be responsible for the observed ameliorative effect. The chromosomal aberration caused by chemicals could be ameliorated by redistilled Ark (1,50,100 ul) Antioxidant status in distillates - 0.8 mmol. Redistillate - 2.6 mmol (ammonicalnitrogen - 15 mg/litre).


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