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Following are some simple, yet effective, ways to treat acidity problem (courtsey HG Madan Gopal Pr)

1. No talking, watching video etc while eating. We should eat as if we are meditating completely focusing on process of eating.

2. Chew your food very very very thoroughly while eating.

3. When there is acidity problem i.e burning in stomach etc. never drink milk. Cold milk is worst. But drink lukewarm water.

4. Always after food drink little lukewarm water.

5. Never take fridge cold water, juices.

6. After you come in house from sun, never drink water immediately. Cold water absolutely never. Wait for 20-30 min and then take water.

7. Stop eating chillies red or green or of any other colour.

8. Drink enough of juices and water

9. Eat as much Amla as you can in any form.

10. Take one juice of any of following every morning before 11:00 am. The juices are – Amla juice, Kokum juice, Orange, Lemon, Sugarcane juice, Rose shake, Hand churned buttermilk, coconut water etc.

11. Drink one or more glass of water around 6:00 - 6:30 am after your bath etc.

12. Eat hand churned ghee of vedic cow as mentioned in my blog regularly as the way I have told in blog.


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